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Entry #5

Wtf Newgrounds?

2010-07-15 09:38:07 by abhirao2001

Ok this really ruined my mood! I log into Newgrounds and get a message from M-bot saying I've been unscouted and my work will no longer be seen at the art portal? Wtf? Whatever did I do to deserve this? At least tell me what went wrong? I'm really in a bad mood now thanks to this stupid message.

EDIT: Well, anyway, i felt bad after reading that message but I'm not going to give up. Art portal or no art portal!


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2010-08-09 04:56:02

Aww man, that really sucks! >:(
I'll try to scout you again xP


2010-08-22 05:27:19

look at what I'D Built In My Spare Time Nigguher
http://scarymoviegangsta.newgrounds.c om/news/